My Skills!

Projects I've Worked On!


BrunchTime is a mobile app built in ReactNative with a Rails backend, that uses information from Yelp's API to help the user find the brunch restaurants in their current or chosen location, save their favorites, and even call an Uber from their current location to the restaurant.


GitHired is a Ruby on Rails app that uses GitHub's API and allows users to search for jobs in the technology field, filtered by location and programming language of interest. Users are able to view each job on a separate page, which is complete with a map and, if interested, save the job to their profile as a favorite. Users may also make a list of to-do tasks for each favorited job, with the additional ability to indicate if they have emailed the job, and if the job poster has responded. All favorited jobs and notes may be deleted when no longer desired.


A trivia game built with HTML, CSS and jQuery, based on the popular game show Jeopardy. It has three levels, regular, double and final, and allows the players to select questions from different categories to answer. Each question will pop up in a modal with an input box for the response, and at the end of each round the player will receive their score, and a link to either proceed to the next round, or try again.

Important App Info: Though this page is responsive to smaller screen sizes, due to the nature of the game board and modals, it is best played with the browser window at 800px or larger.


GoTaco! is an app built in Node.js that uses Google Places API to allow users to search for the taco restaurants closest to their current location, with the ability to also type in a location.

About Me!

I'm a former Jill-of-all-trades who decided to become a web developer. I have a fondness for relational databases and clean code, and am constantly looking for new ways to think outside the flexbox. In my spare time, I can be found with a cup of strong coffee writing poetry or binge watching The Office.